Our Mission

  1. To create feelings of unity, brotherhood, integrity amongst the people and to offer services of the Trust specified herein below to the public at large without any distinction about the religion, caste or creed.
  2. To open or acquire schools, primary, high school, colleges to impart knowledge and promote education.
  3. To aid and help existing schools and institutions imparting knowledge.
  4. To open or acquire libraries and to help in publishing and printing books in field of education, science, sports and history etc.
  5. To award scholarship and prizes and to grant loans or other financial aid to the needy or scholar students.
  6. To open or acquire charitable dispensaries, nursing homes or hospitals or medical research centers for benefit of public at large.
  7. To provide medical help to the poor and needy people in the society either free of cost or at nominal and reasonable charge.
  8. To organize camps, seminars, medical shibirs etc. for providing medical help to people.
  9. To offer financial assistance or aid to the students and scientists carrying on research in medical field.
  10. To organize and conduct or to donate to welfare schemes for weaker sections in the society.
  11. To help the people in distress in case of natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, famine etc.
  12. To provide necessary help for agriculture and horticultural fields to impart knowledge, training for agricultural development by adopting modern techniques, to sell establish centers, to dispose off agricultural products, food grains, fertilizers , instruments, etc. to the needy people at reasonable rates and to increase income of Trust.
  13. To establish library to supply all types of books, magazines to spread knowledge.
  14. To perform all types of cultural programs.
  15. To make all arrangements of stay of devotees of Shri Sai in Asharam. To make necessary arrangement for “Anna Chartralaya” in Ashram.
  16. To do all such other acts of general public utility not involving the carrying on any activity for profit.